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Isher Eggless Cake Bakery is based in Melbourne, Australia. We provide premium quality Eggless and Vegan cakes for all occasions. This company is the brainchild of the undying spirit of a mother to get her daughter a perfect eggless cake in a land where egg free cakes were rare! ISHER is the best platform for vegetarians who are looking for something new and exciting. At Isher we handcraft the best eggless cakes, pizza and lots more. Well, she did manage to bake that cake, mixed with love and decorated with passion but the story didn’t end with that single attempt with oven! From baking for family and friends to operating from a real bakery, Isher Bakery is a journey in itself. What started as a passion went on to becoming a customized cake place and slowly, we got Isher’s Bakery! 


Isher Eggless Cake Bakery is proud to present their wide range of egg free food products and what makes them special is their promise of quality above all. 


Our product range: 


Eggless cakes and bakes are difficult to locate in Melbourne, your wait for a revolutionary vegetarian treat comes to an end with Isher’s. With the branch at Claytone, serving the whole of Dandenong, Chadstone, Oakleigh and Springvale, the goodness of fresh and pure vegetarian bakes come to you with ease of access. Not just vegetarian, Isher Eggless Cake Bakery has a whole lot to offer for their vegan patrons! Why should your food philosophy restrict your options? Walk into one their outlets for some interesting vegetarian and vegan food products and walk out with some really tasty treats and a happy heart! 

What we offer:   

Whatever you are looking for of eggless cakes, pizza and lots more in Melbourne, Sydney or Australia wide, we can assist you via our comprehensive online store. We look forward to assisting you.  

Isher Eggless Cake Bakers joined Giga Store in May 2022; you can view their store on our platform by following the link below.

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